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Sarvamangalamaangalye shive sarvaarthasaadhike/ Sharanye thryambake gauri naaraayani namosthuthe//
(Devi is the divine form of all benignity. She is Shive. She can achieve everything. She favours those who surrender to Her. She is three-eyed Gauri and Narayani. I bow to Her)
Mahishaanthakaree yena poojithaa sa jagathprabhuh/ Poojayejjagathaam dhaathreem chandikaam bhakthavathsalaam//

(The one who worships Mahalakshmi, the destroyer of Mahishasura, with devotion, he is the lord of the universe. Therefore, one should worship Chandika Devi, who is carrying the world as Bhakthavathsale and Bhagavati)
Sarvaroopamayee devee sarvam deveemayam jagath/

Athoham vishwaroopaam thwaa namaami parameshwareem//

(Devi is of all forms. She encompasses the whole world. Therefore, I prostrate to Her who is of all forms (Vishwaroopi) and the Ishwari Supreme (Parameswari).
Mahishaasuranirnaashavidhaathree varade namah/
Roopam dhehi jayam dhehi yasho dhehi dwisho jahi//

(Bestower of all boons, the destoyer of Mahishasura, my salutations to you!
Give me a handsome form, victory, success, and destroy my enemies! )

Sthuvadhbhyo bhakthipoorvam thwaam chandike vyaadhinaashini/
Roopam dhehi jayam dhehi yasho dhehi dhwisho jahi//

(Hey! Chandike, You solve all mental worries of those who praise you with
Chandike sathatham ye thwaamarchayamtheeha bhakthithah/
Roopam dhehi jayam dhehi yasho dhehi dhwisho jahi//
Dhehi soubhagyamaarogyam dhehi devi param sukham/
Roopam dhehi jayam dhehi yasho dhehi dhwisho jahi//

(Hey! Chandike! Give good fortune, health and supreme joy to those who worship
you always with loyalty.)
Vidhehi devi kalyaanam vidhehi paramaam shreeyam/
Roopam dhehi jayam dhehi yasho dhehi dhwisho jahi//

(Oh! Devi! Keep the welfare of those who worship you with great devotion, Give
them supreme bliss.)
Durgasapthashathee - Agralaasthothram.


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